Red Leaf World Buffet

Red Leaf World Buffet brings you an ever-changing variety of dishes from across the world. English, European, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai…

Fancy a meal but struggling with cuisine choice? Explore the vast array of tastes in our daily buffet selections, including specially prepared dishes by our chefs.

Freshly Replenished Dishes

Let your tastebuds do the walking … our restaurants allow you to explore a variety of dishes at your own pace. Choose a dish, destination, or a mix. Whether a national favourite or personal selection, the world’s your oyster. A variety of starters, soups, salads, mains and desserts. There’s plenty of vegetarian V choice too.

Specially Prepared Dishes

Have some dishes prepared instantly. ‘Ask Chef’ at the Grill, Pasta, Pizza, Street Food, Tandoor and Wok bars. We also serve at the Sweetbar, from an assortment of Ice creams to Waffles (Fri–Sun).


Locally sourced ingredients. Red Leaf does not serve Halal meat. Allergen information supplied wherever possible.

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